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BitLife: Life Simulator packs an ever-increasing list of jobs into the game. Some of these jobs are extremely obscure, while others are a little more obvious, and many of them require you to spend your entire life working toward said job.

But we have a list of all of the highest-paying jobs and how to earn them. The high paying jobs that are obvious to most people are becoming a doctor, a lawyer, or a business executive. In many cases, various jobs can exist in the same field. You can be a stockbroker, executive officer, or another job involving big money in the corporate world.

You can be a doctor, a veterinarian, a pharmacist, and more in the medical field. There are some less obvious ones, too. For example, any job in the entertainment industry can be a high-paying job. For example, you can be a singer, actor, a dancer, or some form of adult entertainer. Or you can be a musician, a director, and more.

You can make it to the top of the heap in the military and become a General or an Admiral. Strangely enough, you can even become a leprechaun, which is one of the highest-paying jobs that you can get.

The jobs that require you to do a ton of school are doctor, lawyer, and corporate. You want to start preparing for these jobs early on. That means studying as hard as you can all throughout school, working on your intelligence by going to the library constantly, and working hard at your jobs.

It also helps to secure scholarships or college funding from your parents for jobs such as these. If you take out student loans for jobs that require graduate and post-grad degrees, your money will be eaten up for years, possible for your entire life. Pre-med and medical school is where you want to go if you want to become a doctor.

To become a lawyer, you have some options. You can go to school for a subject such as math or business, and then follow that up with a law school education. Intelligence matters the most as a doctor or somewhere else in the medical field, compared to the other high-education jobs. Intelligence, hilariously, matters least in the business and corporate world.

Obviously, anything computer-related is a step in the right direction for entering the tech world. Almost any major can allow you to become an officer in any branch of the military. Some jobs require only high-school education, or can even require less than that.

Jobs in the entertainment industry typically will only pop up if you have no graduated college. For entertainment-related jobs, most of them require you to be very good looking. For becoming a leprechaun, which appears VERY sporadically, basically, the only requirement is to have no education and to keep looking at the job listings every year.

Work harder at the job, and focus on self-improvement to keep your health, intelligence, looks, and happiness in the green. In other cases, different steps might be required to maximize your income.

BitLife: All of the Highest Paying Jobs and How To Get Them

Leave your job and search for another, better job in the same field. Stay out of trouble. Keep your nose clean. If you get addicted, go to rehab. Essentially, live a boring life to make it easier for yourself on the job market.In BitLife, the text-based life simulator, you can live any type of life you want to.

You can become a world-renowned movie star, save millions as a doctor, or just literally do nothing and wave your life away. Some of you though will want to have a long and successful career, making millions in the process. You might have an inherent disadvantage, like you come from a poor background or have low smarts.

So just like in real life, you might be screwed from the start. Try and start in a rich economy like the US and work on your smarts from a very young age by studying hard. Having good looks will help too, so go to the gym a few times as well. Going to medical school and getting a job as a doctor is a very lucrative career, but it costs an awful lot to pay off those school fees.

However, there are a few jobs that are surefire hits no matter where you are. Some BitLives have an inherent disadvantage in this department. Other options include a Stockbroker or Business Analyst, but again this relies on getting a solid education in business. So basically, if you have a character that starts with an advantage in the looks department, aim for a career as an actor. Post on social media a lot, go to the gym a lot, and move to a place with high paying acting gigs.

If not, focus on increasing your smarts. This is less luck-based than looks, and simply requires you to study hard and go to the library a lot. Or, you could just simulate your life and hope for better luck next time.

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BitLife Careers Guide: How to Become a Detective, Family Physician, Dancer or a Graphic Designer

Features See all. What are the best paying jobs in BitLife?In life, we all have goals that we want to fulfill. Some aspire to be a noble profession, such as a doctor or a teacher to give back to everyone else. Others take a passion of theirs, such as music or acting, and turn it into a career. Meanwhile, some feel that the best way to get the most out of life is to earn the big bucks for their work and use their spare time to relax and enjoy their time off.

In BitLifework is just a number on that salary column, so wanting to try your hand at everything is something that everyone can do. Not all of them are glamorous, but it is a means to an end after all.

Here are the highest paying jobs in BitLife. If you ask a group of people what they would like to do for a dream job, you can bet that there will be plenty who say they would love to be an actor in their favorite TV show or film.

Especially on the wallet. You can land salaries in good seven-figure amounts as a lead actor in BitLifemaking it one of the most lucrative career choices you can make. Start as a Voice Actor and work your way up through the ranks and with enough time and effort, you can make as much money as the likes of Dwayne Johnson and Scarlett Johannsen at the top of the acting food chain. Acting in Hollywood is one profession that not only pays well but also is a rewarding profession that provides a lot of entertainment for the public to enjoy.

As a director of adult movies, you can earn in the seven-figure sums with hard work. Just look at Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. As CEO of his own company, he has become the richest man in the world. While achieving that level of income in Bitlife might prove to be a challenge too far, you can still expect to make six or seven-figure sums if you work at being a CEO in the game.

Be prepared for the long haul though as the route to CEO is one of the longest in the game, starting as a corporate engineer, but in the end, the reward will be worth the wait. Being at the top of the judicial system is no easy feat. Those that are able to work their way up to Chief Justice can expect a high six-figure salary for their hard work in putting the bad guys behind bars. As Chief of Police, you can expect to command a high six-figure salary after many years of service within the force.BitLife is a text-based life simulator that takes you into a journey of living another life by just tapping your fingers on your mobile device.

It comes very close to real life as your choices in life decides your fate in the game. Life events also adds to the charm as you can develop relationships, train pets, get stalked by an ex, get sent to jail and many more. In this BitLife careers guide, we will help you become a runway model, interior designer, museum director, veterinarian, real estate agent or a dental hygienist.

The jobs mentioned are only a few of the many careers you can choose in the game. If the mentioned jobs is the one that you want, keep on reading to find what the requirements are to obtain them. To become a runway model, starting out as a female character will be to your advantage. Of course, looks are the main factor here, so being born with great visuals is definitely a must.

bitlife model salary

If you start out with average looks, start a new life until you have extremely high look stats. Happiness and health stats can be easily boosted, but looks can only be drastically improved through plastic surgery.

What you do throughout your life also matters to your path of becoming a runway model. You need to maintain your stats by keeping yourself happy, healthy, and good looking. Also try to interact and keep your relationships with other people positive. Just like in real life, models start out young in BitLife. Remember to maintain your stats every year to be able to snag that foot model job once it appears.

Once you become a foot model, you will then be promoted to hand model. After being a hand model, the next step is catalog model. The next promotion after catalog model is lingerie model. The last stop for the modeling career is runway model. After graduating from high school, you will need to take up arts as your major and nothing else.

bitlife model salary

Once you graduate from college, the junior interior designer job will be available right away along with other art related jobs such as graphics designer. Once you become a junior interior designer, you will be instantly promoted to interior designer.

After that, the last promotion is to become a senior interior designer. Of course, having stats that are at least green will keep you from getting fired. It is still better to have above average stats and try to make your life fulfilling as possible with what you have. This career path immediately appears after graduating university with a related major, which is in this case is history. To become a museum director, after graduating from university, check the job listings for the docent or exhibit associate job opening.

If the docent position is the only one available, still grab it as this will trigger the other related job positions to appear as well. From being a docent, you can then apply as an exhibit associate the following year as it might take a while to get promoted. Once you become an exhibit associate, you will then be promoted to assistant curator. After that, the next position will be curator.

From curator, you will finally land the museum director job position. You can always ask for a promotion to reach your goal faster, but sometimes the company would just give you a raise instead of a promotion. To become a veterinarian, you will need to graduate from university with a related major and then go to veterinary school. You will only get accepted to veterinary school if you take biology, chemistry, or even nursing as a major in university.

There is no need to go to graduate school for this. What you should do is to make sure you have the smarts to get in and maintain it, although having perfect smart stats is not really a requirement.

Being above average is enough and also as long you graduate with the required major. After graduating with any of the mentioned majors, apply for veterinary school.The best paying jobs in BitLife are much the same as in real life: doctors, lawyers, pilots, actors, dentists, and more. So getting the best job in BitLife is much the same as it is in real life: pick a career path, study hard, and find a way in. However, each BitLife is going to be very different, and the best paying jobs can change on a number of different factors: country of birth, family income, and your own personal smarts rating just to name a few.

While we have got a few basic tips to help you get where you want to be, we strongly recommend shopping about a bit as early as you can in life. Take a glance at the jobs listings as early as you can in life and try and check what the highest paid jobs are. Then, pick a path and stop at nothing until you get it.

bitlife model salary

The next step is to study and study hard. We recommend going to the library once per year to start increasing your smarts. You want to go to grad school in your particular field to get the best chance in life. Not all of the best jobs require hard work — at least in the cerebral sense. You can still earn the big bucks using this method though. Be careful with plastic surgery though: the more you get it, the higher chance it will fail. Ideally, you wait until you have a naturally good looking person as surgery is expensive and prone to failure.

If you do go this route, just get minor surgeries and not too many. We also recommend posting on social media as often as possible from a young age to increase your number of followers. This should skyrocket when you become a famous actor or porn star, but starting young will give you a headstart.

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Bitlife: How to Get Rich

Back to Top.Bitlife is all about simulating life after life, and in some lives, making more money makes life a lot easier. First of all, take a look at your parents stats. Then, focus on your education and Smarts rating. To up your smarts, you can also opt to study harder by selecting the Education option to the left of the menu icons in the middle.

You will then be able to start making money. You will also be given raises or promotions throughout your career. You can ask for them manually with the risk of being denied or you can wait for them to be given automatically. If your Smarts improve from that point on, you can also choose to apply for different jobs and increase your salary.

You will also be left some money when they pass away. You need to think about when you retire, too. You can use investments to work around it though. The housing market is vital to making money. They will often make money themselves, with houses often doubling in value in a few years.

Lottery, while far from a sure thing, can set you up for life. Winning will make becoming rich much easier.

The highest paying jobs in BitLife

For more tips and tricks on the game, be sure to search for Twinfinite. Connect with us. Continue Reading. Related Topics: bitlifeget richHow toMake Money. To Top.Since our Android friends are now able to join in on the BitLife action, we have decided to take a look back at our guides and add any new ideas.

BitLife is the type of game where you can do almost anything. Whether it involves succeeding in a business and earning your way to the top or murder everyone around you. But with all this freedom comes ambiguity, what jobs pay the best and what jobs have a good future.

Well, we at Gamezebo have heard you loud and clear, read on to find out the best-paying jobs and how to get them. The best paying job in BitLife is the Leprechaun, here are tips on how to get this job. They offer different subjects to study and a wide range of jobs and salaries. There are a few jobs that stick out above any other but each situation is unique. Some jobs that network you a lot of cash in one BitLife may become problematic in another. But in your pursuit of medicine you are unable to get any scholarships, so you end up in massive debt before you start earning.

Meaning you spend half your life paying off debt, which can interfere with plans to buy a home or to get married. In some lives, you might get a scholarship for university and for medical school. Which is ideal as you will start earning a lot of money quickly, plus the chance of promotion is high in medicine. So you have a bright future if you work hard and stick at it.

It really depends on your situation, medicine is a well-paid field, but if it costs you a lot of money to get there, then maybe aim for something else. That is a good question but there is more than one answer. As I mentioned above, every BitLife is different so the best-paid job in one life can be lower when in another.

So it makes no sense to always aim for the same jobs as the same job might have a drastically different salary based on where you are in the world. In fact, there are many jobs that pay well, all of which have different criteria to be fulfilled.

Good paying jobs to take note of include becoming a pilot, an actor or even a porn star. Any job to do with big money like a stockbroker or business analyst is a good way to earn a lot of money with a lot of chances with a promotion. Anything corporate is another good chance to earn money as any corporation has a hierarchy of power which means you can earn your way to the top. As mentioned above medicine is a good earner, especially if you can get scholarships to study.

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